Tool models

Scandinavian Snowtools are designed and hand crafted in Sweden since 2000. Our well recognised quality and product range have been used in numerous competitions and ski resorts world wide. Over 3000 sold all over the world. You can download the latest Tools catalog here:


Proud Olympic Snowboard Venue supplier 2002, 2006, 2010 & 2014.



Ace is a real trump card for every jump and pipe builder. It has already been used to shape master slopes all around the world. With a telescopic shaft in anodized aluminium and a replaceable blade in stainless steel, the shovel cuts through the iciest pipe wall. Ace can be locked in a number of lengths between 160-320 cm, but will help you reach much further than that. Weight: Approx. 5 kg Usage: Shaping of jump, half pipes, quarter pipes and so on.



Prince combines the Kings and a ordinary shovels advantages. Its ribbed blade easily tears up icy unevenness’s in the ski lift boarding zones. The shovel makes It easy to remove leftover snow. Prince is made in anodized aluminium. Weight: Approx. 2.5kg Usage: Indispensable at every fun park, the perfect shape tool.



With the rake King you will give everyone the best opportunity for a successful ride. King’s advantages are an easy load to carry. The rake is made of aluminium and adapted to a 160 cm board bag. The anodized laser cut blade is easily removed when travelling and the angle of the blade makes it easy to remove uneven edges with the back of the blade. Weight: Approx. 2.5 kg Usage: Getting on and off the ski lift, in queues, and when shaping jumps, rails and half-pipes.



A bigger brother of Prince. Bigger blade for heavier duties. Developed and designed together with the free skier Jon Olsson. Weight: Approx 2,5 kg Usage: Indispensable at every fun park, the perfect shaping tool.




Lighter yet as strong as Ace – the perfect tool for all type of transitions. Developed together with the best SBX builders in the world. A slightly steeper blade angle than Ace – makes it easier to cut the sides of jumps from above. Length 160 cm. Weight: Approx. 4 kg Usage: The perfect tool for removing icy bumps. Shaping of jumps and SBX features.



The largest rake in the fleet. Designed together with Niklas Wiklund from Pink Park Lindvallen, Sweden. If you want to build a rail-take-off in no time, Wiklund will do the job. Do you have the power? Weight: Approx 2,7 kg Usage: Indispensable at every fun park, the perfect shaping tool.



A mini version of Jon – the best shaping tool ever made. Put it in the hands of next generations jump creators. Weight: approx 1,5 kg Length: 1,2 m

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